Disenchanted April

April 12, 2020

A stroll through the misty and deserted streets of my new town was just what I needed this Easter morning.  It’s no substitute, though, for everything else I should be doing this time of year. My not-to-do list has quickly become a want-to-do list.

I’ll admit that there are perks to the homebound life.  But my own life was already fairly homebound pre-pandemic.  I’ve come to rely on a few key social events for my sense of connection.  Now I find myself staring down months of isolation with dread. The warmer weather both tempers this feeling and adds to it: could I even imagine a summer without outdoor concerts, art fairs, or bonfire parties? I’m not sure. I certainly don’t want to.

I might look forward to such a change of pace if I had chosen it for myself. I love walking, biking, watching the river, reading, making crafts, and tidying my apartment — when I don’t have to. This is the same restlessness I used to feel early in the summer, when I was cut off from the familiar structure of school. Despite the name, too much “free time” can be daunting.

I will try to take each day as it comes. If I set my own structure and (reasonable) expectations, this could be a rewarding time for me. In the end — and I never thought I’d have to type or even think this sentence — Queen Elizabeth is right: we will see one another again. Or, as someone in the social-media-sphere recently put it, “April Distance Brings May Existence.” I won’t hold my breath for a normal summer; normal is overrated anyway.

4 thoughts on “Disenchanted April

  1. Hello Grace. Does it help to know that we privileged ones get the chance to read your posts? Keep writing! Keep blogging. At least you know there’s are folks on the other side of the writing.


  2. Lovely; yes, keep writing! The entry title caused me to Google the book I’d heard of but never read. Have you read The Enchanted April, Grace? It sounds good.


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