Roaring Twenties

May 14, 2020

After a chilly week that included several late frosts, the sun’s warmth (if not the sun) has returned. It’s fitting, as I have just emerged from what felt like a week-long sleepwalk. On both the weather front and the Grace front, May is looking pretty good all of a sudden.

Why? Not only is my financial situation better than expected, but I’m also applying for an exciting new job. I might even have a shot at this one. Not only am I enjoying my daily routine, but I also get to do some out-of-the-ordinary things like helping my mom move to a new place. Not only have I taken some great little drives through the country, but I’m also getting out and using my feet to visit my state’s natural wonders. I can’t get enough of the delicate colors of springtime leaves.

It has reached the point where I sometimes forget what’s taking place in the world at large. Pandemic? Huh?

To top it all off, yesterday I made a triumphant return to my favorite coffee shop. It looks different (taking away all the furniture will do that), but the rhythm is the same. Just seeing the illuminated “open” sign made my heart soar. This place is my second home, and I typically stop in a few times per week. It was pure joy to be back after two months away.

I suppose there’s not much that won’t look different after this. But I can’t know the future, so I’ll try not to fret over it. Yes, the pandemic is very real — but so is spring. Here is an extended opportunity for me to “stop and smell the flowers”. I might not even need to take off my mask.

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