The Announcement

July 2, 2020

I couldn’t wait until next week!

A piece I wrote based on a concept from this blog — “shelter” as a noun rather than a verb — was just published in our local arts magazine, Voice of the River Valley. I am beyond proud to have my words next to those of my friends and neighbors. They are a bunch that truly appreciates PLACE, as the name might suggest.

I’m a guest author for the “Driftless Terroir” series (note the extra “i”; we’re not trying to scare anybody). Link here. Check out the cover while you’re at it, fittingly provided by a friend who’s a talented photographer and devoted prairie restoration volunteer.

2 thoughts on “The Announcement

  1. What a lovely piece! Thank you for sharing and Congratulations! Perhaps, this is why I still live here, in the Midwest. after having moved here over 40 years ago. It is truly beautiful here.

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  2. Lovely writing, Grace, and wonderful to see it published “in place.” Sometimes it’s challenging to explain why those of us who live in the Driftless Area choose to stay. I look forward to a time when all of us choose ecology over all other values.

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