Spring’s Eternal

February 22, 2021

“The cold and gray just wears me down.” -Hot Rize

I should say in regards to my last post that I take no issue with winter. I’m happy to live in a place that has a healthy four seasons. But when winter offers up its first snowstorm on Halloween (two years in a row!), it’s my right to feel ready for something new around MLK Day.

Also, the transitional time of spring is important to me spiritually. I’ve been trying to put this into words for another writing project, and it’s reminding me how much I love a damp spring breeze and a wool jacket. (Chalk it up to my Scots-Irish heritage.) I love all of Wisconsin’s seasons, but spring is the height of my power. If only it got its fair share of the calendar year.

This is my last chance to write for a little while, as I’m tackling some major projects at work. I was recently upgraded to a full-time coordinator position. So far it’s been easy to get my hours in while the weather and the virus keep me inside. But when spring arrives, my mind will turn outward to spring things. As a compromise, I plan to spend lots of time working on coffee shop patios.

One of my tasks at work is to publish Facebook posts about the natural happenings in our region this time of year. Already there are signs of spring everywhere, if you know where to look. In some ways, noticing these subtle signs is more rewarding than being blasted in the face with sunshine and watching the river double in size. There is beauty in all times of the year. Even, I’ll admit, in last night’s snow.

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