Heads Up

August 17, 2022

I’ve had a busy summer, so it wasn’t too surprising last week when I was rushing to get somewhere and sustained another silly injury. I imagined no window where indeed there was one, and came away with a cartoonish – though very real – concussion.

My prescription from the urgent care doctor was “brain rest” (insert joke about how some people engage in brain rest all the time). It can be difficult for me to accept rest of any kind. Tiredness and restfulness can seem more like the symptoms that need to be healed, not the tools for healing. But I recognize that this comes from being too hard on myself. In this case, rest was the only way to heal and become myself again.

I quickly found that all of my normal activities made me tired, even reading and watching TV. Taking it easy was the only option. I had plans for the week, of course, which had to be cancelled. This was difficult but made easier by the kind words of the folks on the other end.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m extremely lucky, in that it was a minor injury and I could take several days to do nothing but heal. Still, it was a learning experience. No matter how strong my will or intentions, and no matter how badly I want the situation to be different, there is simply no getting around some things in life. Including windows.

4 thoughts on “Heads Up

  1. Book; ‘When Brains Collide’, has protocol for concussion treatment using Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Two weeks taking 9,000mg per day or 75%reduction in all sxs, whichever comes first, followed by two weeks taking 6,000mg per day and then ongoing for 30 days 3,000mg per day. I have used this with multiple patients who sustained concussion with debilitating sxs. It works better than ‘brain rest’. In addition, maximize sleep opportunities.

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  2. Oh dear! I hope your brain is feeling rested and is healing.

    What are you up to when you are not resting and healing?

    Maybe all windows should have the special glass which helps keep birds from flying into them. Sometimes, maybe we are birds, flying into windows.

    Take care! – Hildy


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