Caffeine Routine

April 10, 2023

While I’m more than happy to frequent my local coffee shops, I’ve also spent an inordinate amount of time and money creating my own “coffee station.” Call it a relic of COVID, or an adaptation to working from home. Or maybe I just like to stay in some mornings.

All told, these resources have gone into something that takes five minutes (although I can usually nurse one cup of coffee for half an hour). The process also changes according to the seasons and what I feel like drinking; I don’t have a go-to coffee drink at home. On some levels, at least, it seems silly to go through the trouble for something so inconsequential.

Yet the benefits are many. Having a coffee routine means I know of one thing that will happen every day, which isn’t the case with my work situation. On the darkest winter mornings, it gives me a reason to leave the warm confines of my bed and thereby start the day. It also pairs perfectly with a book or writing project: read a page, sip, write a sentence, sip. And don’t get me started on the joys of a good coffee mug.

I don’t roast my own beans or scientifically measure out the grounds. Instead, I pride myself on my ability to guess how much to use. I’ve learned a thing or two about coffee from drinking it my whole adult life (and some of my childhood). I am proud of this knowledge. It makes me a more well-rounded person and colors my mornings in a way I’d miss if I just went to Starbucks.

There are times when I love having a fancy machine or friendly barista brew the coffee for me. But I also like deliberately making it “by hand” with a pour-over at home. This is true no matter where I live or what I’m up to. It’s how I settle into another day of life in My Place.

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