May 16, 2023

It recently came about that my modest outdoor seating area got an upgrade in the form of lighting. I’ve never been against such a thing, but I admit it also never occurred to me before now. It wasn’t until the lights were up and running that I realized what a spartan existence I had been living.

Sure, I was more attuned to the natural shift from daylight to darkness. But that darkness gets pretty dark, and I prefer to squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of summer nights. And when the evening sun is blocked by my building anyway, the whole concept goes out the window (so to speak).

The new addition also classes up the place considerably, to the point that I have to remind myself I live here. Small improvements like this are a way to actively take pride in where I live. I talk and write a lot about how much I love this place, but that doesn’t change how it feels to wake up in it and spend time there. The lights do.

And I am proud: I’ve found a home, in both my physical location and my connections within the community. There have been times in the last few years when I didn’t know how long I’d get to stay in a given place. My possessions are still minimal as a result — which is the biggest reason I never had outdoor lights. I’m looking forward to putting down deeper and deeper roots, and to seeing them at night.

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